Jenny Hanson

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Aveyard received her BSc in Applied Microbiology (2000, LJMU), MPhil in Chemistry (2003) and PhD in Chemistry (2008) from the University of Liverpool. Her PhD thesis focussed on the development of nanoparticle functionalization and surface modification methods for the attachment of biomolecules for use in biological assays. She has extensive postdoctoral experience and has worked on numerous multidisciplinary projects which have involved developing chemistries for use in flexible circuits for glucose biosensors, plasma surface modifications for biomedical applications and the design and fabrication of bioinspired nanostructured surfaces. Dr. Aveyard’s current role as a postdoctoral researcher in the D’Sa group, involves developing antimicrobial and antifouling surface chemistries and nanoparticles for biomedical applications, particularly wound healing.