Dr. Robert Deller

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Robert Deller begun his studies at The University of Warwick attaining a BSc in Biochemistry with Intercalated Year in 2009, which included a 12-month placement with AstraZeneca PLC in area of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics. Thereafter, Dr. Robert Deller continued his studies at The University of Warwick as member of the Molecular Organisation & Assembly of Cell Doctoral Training Centre attaining an MSc in Mathematical Biology & Biophysical Chemistry in 2010. This led to undertaking a PhD at the Chemistry/Biology interface with Prof. Matthew Gibson at The University of Warwick focussing on the use of “Naturally inspired polymers as ice recrystallization inhibitors to improve the cryopreservation of red blood cells” which included a competitively awarded 3-month secondment to The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA and was subsequently awarded his PhD in 2014. Following on from this Dr. Robert Deller undertook a PDRA role in the research group of Dr. Adam Perriman in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at The University of Bristol in the fields of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. At present Dr. Robert Deller currently works in the research group of Dr. Raechelle D’Sa on the development of “Antimicrobial Bandages for the Treatment of Wound Infections” in collaboration with Prof. Rachel Williams based within the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease.