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D'Sa Laboratory aims to establish a platform of polymeric antimicrobial biomaterials using bioinspired active agents to treat multidrug resistant infections.

In our lab, we aim to gain a fundamental understanding of these antimicrobials and create biomaterials-based vehicles/surfaces for the controlled and sustained delivery for a variety of applications.

Research areas include:

  1. The development of nitric oxide (NO) releasing surfaces and therapeutics.
  2. Encapsulation/immobilisation of antimicrobial peptides.
  3. Development of nanomaterials for infection control in water systems.

Currently, our NO platform technology is the most advanced and has demonstrated potential for the treatment of ocular, dermal, and orthopaedic infections.

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Join us at University of Liverpool

The Antimicrobial Biomaterials Research Group is lead by Prof. Raechelle A. D’Sa. The group has expertise ranging from materials science and engineering to cell biology and applies engineering methods to create environments to promote cell and tissue growth and prevent bacterial adhesion. We are currently looking for self-funded Ph.D. students to join our group. Please contact us if you are interested.

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