Miley has just had her first paper in the group published on “Nitric Oxide-Releasing Titanium Surfaces for Antimicrobial Bone-Integrating Orthopaedic Implants” in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Titanium implants in orthopedic applications can fail due to infection and impaired integration into the host. Most research efforts that facilitate osseointegration of the implant have not considered infection, and vice versa. Moreover, most infection control measures involve the use of conventional antibiotics which contributes to the global epidemic of antimicrobial resistance. Nitric oxide (NO) is a promising alternative to antibiotics, and while researchers have investigated NO releasing coatings, there are few reports on the function/robustness or the mechanism of NO release. Our comprehensive mechanistic study has allowed us to design, characterize, and optimize NO releasing coatings to achieve maximum antimicrobial efficacy toward bacteria with minimum cytotoxicity to human primary osteoblasts in vitro. As the antibiotic era is coming to an end and the future of infection control continues to demand new alternatives, the coatings described herein represent a promising therapeutic strategy for use in orthopedic surgeries.

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